Mirror to Home


This is an experimental audio game only

You wont see no graphics this time. Sorry!

If you are using screen readers, select the frame with the game, and put the screen reader on sleep mode, in order to play the game


The ancient magic of a mirror accidentally dragged her into another dimension. Now, she needs to find a way out of this place, where hostile creatures feed on the souls of those who end up here.

About this Project

  • Submission to the Gamedev.js Jam 2021;
  • This is a conceptual game, audio based only;
  • To play it, you will only need your keyboard;
  • It uses Drand for generating fight data during some game parts;
  • It also uses synthetic voices to tell the story;
  • The game is incomplete (only the first minutes of the story);

I apologize in advance for any bugs or English errors

Comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome


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I'd recommend changing the colour scheme of your Itch page to pretty much anything but light grey on dark grey and dark grey on black. You've got a game here that would be fantastic for people who can't see so well, but the page it's on isn't going to do them any favours. Typing this is a struggle for me and my eyesight's fine - I'm going to leave my actual comments on the jam submission entry page because it's easier to read.